That Thing You Do – Cover

It’s been a long time since I have updated this site. So here we are/ The 2020 Pandemic is still going on. Anyway— Back in March 2021 – My buddy Derek Hammond got in touch with me about doing one of his favorite songs. Here it is!! Joan of Dark played bass on it and little Evelyn has a cameo. It was a fun project. Click that pic below…

Prior to that we redid an old Medicated becky song “Static”. It was fun to get the band back together for a moment.

Drunk Reviews & Testing – The Channel

Drunk Reviews & Testing has it’s own channel over at the YouTube. o check it out and dont forget to subscribe to it ..

Get the full monty of reviews and testing of stuff and things

Get the full monty of reviews and testing of stuff and things




Drunk Reviews & Testing Episode 1



It is time to sell my action figure collection. Every one of these figures are still in the box and in great shape. Some might have a bit of dust on them or a small bend in the card but almost all are mint.

Take a look and see if you are interested in anything or pass this along to any collectors you might know. I have a pretty good idea what these figures are worth and will take any reasonable offer. If you buy a “lot” of figures (for example : All the Austen Powers figures) I will cut you a deal.



Email Me with any interests or questions (Dill at

I will be using these procedes to help set up “The Wizards Lab”.

You may be asking yourself , “What is this so called Wizards Lab?”

Well Madam, let me tell you… It’s a secret lab to build and create secret and important things.

Here is a small sample of the plans we have…

Top Sekret

Sekret Notes from the Wizard Lab

Air Cannon Testing

photo by Marc Lybrekphoto by Tom Klubens

Happy 2012

Naptown Roller Girls Vs Minnesota North Star

A little vid of Dill and Brownie in the great white north.

Cat Litter Buddy

Faris and I made a film. Please do enjoy.

I had a job once

dirty trickster bastard

My application for a job I didn’t get

but I still eat at this place.