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3rd panel August 22 2010

Todays 3rd Panel is yet another beach scene. DUMB. Faris has taken an “INCEPTION” approach. A conversation bubble within a dream bubble within a 3rd panel bubble.. So complicated yet entertaining. The only difference is you wont figure out Faris panel half way through reading it.. ZZZIIINNNGGGG..

We both took on the approach of killing off some of the family. You, the reader, should be used to that by now. If your not then you may cry. Cry the tears of joy that can only be cried after realizing the Family Circus family has learned a lesson. I much needed lesson.

and now……..a very special, must see,,, FAMILY CIRCUS..


3rd panel August 15th 2010



Once again Faris has shown an artistic expertise that can only be described as……..disturbing.

the 3rd panel 8 Aug 2010

WARNING: Today’s panel was rough. 8 panels to start with so realistically this is the “9th Panel”. We will still call it the “3rd” panel. We can let the technicalities of it all be our little secret. Our dirty, dirty little secret. Speaking of uncomfortable, the end result is equally as rough, well at least Faris’ is. I will let you ‘the reader’ decide. We can’t let concern for public safety change what comes out of our artistic minds. I believe, however, that Faris may have won this round.