GNOME UPDATE – Tour bus floozy

We last saw that gnome was on an airplane heading to who knows where..

Well … The Gnome has become a groupie.. or a light tech.
Learning Barry Tunes

Running Lights

Watching the show

On the Tour Bus.. Maybe Gnome has become a Tour Bus Fluzzy.. nononononono.
One clue is the photo titled “Learning Barry Tunes”, There are hundreds of Barrys, Barry Williams aka Greg Brady, Dave Barry, Barry Manilow, Boo Berry, Barry White… The list is huge.

Is he working for one of them now? Did they raise his minimum wage?. Maybe he is being forced to do it.. THOSE BASTARDS..AAARRGGRHH LEAVE HIM ALONE…Bring him Back to me..

One comment

  1. Biker Dave says:

    Ummmm Dill?? I really didnt wanna be a rat and say anything but ya see…the thing is…the gnome is a man-whore, Its true, I know it hurts but yer just gonna hafta deal man. What can I say??!! He's a freakin SLUT. Its just his intrinsic nature…he cant help it dude. Those gnome hormones are just ragin thru his tiny lil gnome body and he's not gonna rest until he lays all in his path. Hide yer loved ones…thats all I'm sayin man.