Rob Reiner and my Hat on the Red Carpet.

Kerri = Date
Karli = Heartland Pictures rep
(this is to help guide you through my ramblings.)

Last night was the premiere of Rob Reiners film “Flipped”. It happened right here in good old Indianapolis.

Our friend Karli asked if Joan and I wanted to go. Karli is now working for Heartland Films as a promotions person, or something like that. Anyway I wanted to go. Joan had practice and her Roller Derby dedication can never ever be questioned as she said she couldn’t miss practice. Naptown does have regionals coming up so I get it but Rob Reiner = Spinal Tap, Princess Bride, Sleepless in Seattle, he was in an old Batman episode, check out Rob’s IMDB Page. Hell while our at it, check out my IMDB listing. Yeah, I am famous.

Soooooooo any way, I needed a date. What better date then Jane Ire’s wife Kerri. I could almost guarantee that my charm and wit would not influence her to put me in an uncomfortable situation when we got to the “goodnight end of date kiss”. We will get to that later.

Besides seeing a Rob Reiner film at a Red Carpet event, my intentions were to get him or someone famous to wear my hat. I was not disappointed. The night was filled with stars like John Mahoney – Frasier’s Dad ,Aidin Quinn, Anthony Edwards, and many more… I saw local icon Patty Spitler. I am sure I didn’t recognize half of the people I should.

The night started out hotter than balls. Kerri and I made our way to will call and found not only our tickets but, the Hilbert Circle Theater on the circle had this new fangled thing called “Air Conditioning” . I am sure it is just a fad but we stayed in the little entry way as long as we could.

Karli was doing interviews of famous people for Heartland films and she wanted to interview “local influencial people”. Cool. So I had my first Red Carpet Interview.

Karli from Heartland Films interviews Dill Hero

She also Interviewed my hat. That interview was much shorter.

We noticed that some of the guests had tiny little coke bottles and were drinking them like they were going out of style. In fact, they did go out of style before we got inside. No cokes for us. Damn. We did get free popcorn and that ruled so much. The popcorn was much needed as we hiked to the 3rd floor to take our seats.
We had the best seats in the house. 2 seats on the side without anyone squeezed around us. I apologized ,in advance, to the lady sitting in front of us for any crying or overall emotional break downs I may have if the movie went that way.

After some intros and an introduction to the cast the movie began. I had been unsuccessful in any famous people wearing my hat at this point so we settled in to watch the movie. I was also watching the clock. You see, Indianapolis has a tradition of towing that goes way back. My meter said it was free for me to park from 6pm – 9pm. The movie had started late and my time was running out. at 8:50 (about 20 minutes before the film ended) I had to go. I went to my car and up on a post , facing the way I was walking, was a sign that said I was good until 11pm. The sign was only on one side and the meter clearly said 9pm but there it was. So I said screw it and went back to the movie. On the way in I noticed that the staff was setting up Hors d’Ĺ“uvre Trays. I was going to help myself early and bring a couple to Kerri but they were watching me closely. I returned to my seat to Kerri’s surprise. I explained that it wouldn’t be right to leave her in an emotional movie right before the ending. I also burned up the apology I had given earlier to the Lady in front of us. The movie closed, we laughed, we cried and we hit those trays of food Hard and Heavy. I used my hat as a plate.
I believe the looks I was getting were saying “what an innovative young man” or ” I wish I had a hat”.

So the night was over and still no celebrity hat wearings. So we went outside.

Earlier that evening we had noticed a blonde lady driving a kids Barbie Jeep with a tiny “I-HAUL” trailer attached to it.

dis-regard the fellows stealing the stereo

She was just driving around. As we were leaving we saw that she had set her own pink carpet. It had a little house and a backdrop. So we went over to talk to her. Guess who she was.

Jennifer Murphy …. she was on the fourth season of “The Apprentice.” Miss Oregon 2004,. She appeared in the movie , “Killer Movie” in 2009. Good enough.

She is self promoting her new thing “Illegally Blonde”.

I invited her to call roller derby sometime.

the end…

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