Warrior Dash 2011

This past weekend I ran the Warrior Dash. A 5k (3miles) run through the woods, steep hills, creeks, obstacles, fire, mud, and more. I wanted to take more pictures but i dont have a rugged camera or phone and I think the final mud pit would have killed anything i had. Hell it almost killed me. It was also FUN AS HELL..

About 6 months ago a few of us were talking about this thing and I piped in “I can do that shit, no problem”. hahaha I am a dumb ass.
I knew I would need to get my cardio up for the race and just because i am getting old as shit. This was my goal.. So I looked up the slowest guy that finished in my age group from another warrior dash. My goal was 1 hour and 40 minutes.
I started training by running using the program Couch to 5K. I made a mix to run to called “Run Mutha Fuka” and the training began. I recovered our Elliptical from being a coat rack and started using it.

The Mud Pit

The Fire Jump
( look at that dude with full leather armor a giant wood shield and a spear)

I’m so happy I could shit.

More of the fire jump

My friend ,Chris Pohl, cast a shadow of Doom

Giant Blow Up Helmet

This dude just came out of the mud pit

I can’t believe I finished. Joan of Dark is ready for another dash.

Jumbo Tron projecting the mud pit

Pre Race, remember when we were clean?

Joan , pre-race, super hot

I’m so happy

This is the RFID tag that also says “Free Beer” on it. My motivation.
I DID IT!!!!!!
in 57 minutes
It’s over
Yay Me
except Joan signed us up for something called “Rebel Race” next month.

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